1-on-1 personal training

Combine our 1-Habit Coaching Program with Unlimited Gym And Small Group Training + 1-on-1 Training and experience sustainable change like no other.

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Together, you and your personal trainer will break records, push you past your limits and unlock the extraordinary that you never thought you could.  Here's what to expect with Personal Training.

customised bespoke programming

No two programs are the same because you, your needs and your goals are entirely unique.

body composition analysis

Consistent metric tracking and body composition analysis to make sure you're getting the results you deserve.

accountability & guidance

Accountability, guidance and motivation by your partner coach to help you stay consistent.

It has been life changing. I started with personal training and Saturday bootcamps, got re-educated on nutrition as well. Made changes to not only my diet but also my mindset. But one thing I’ve learnt is to be consistent, to simply show up regardless how I felt and was going through. The most important thing is that 1-Habit is a positive and non-judgmental environment and everyone was working towards the same goal.

— Ainon Talib

how does personal training work?

Unlike other trainers, working with a 1-Habit Personal Trainer means you’ll not just get the training, but we will work with you to change your habits through our 1-Habit Signature Coaching Program and get you to increase your hours with our monthly strength training programming. Our holistic, collaborative approach means you’ll get faster results, and sustain it for a long time. Here's how we start the journey:


first, we pair you with a partner coach

We will pair you with the right partner to get you to your goals, no matter where they are. With a combined experience of over 20 years across our personal training department, you are in good hands.


next, we build your plans

We collect data, ask questions and make sure we understand you before we proceed to build a plan specific to you and your goals.


finally, we start the work

Together with our 1-Habit Signature Coaching Program and your customised and bespoke plan, your trainer partner will push you and increase the challenge of your training so you’ll never reach a plateau and most importantly, enjoy your sessions.

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1-Habit Coaching + Gym + Group + PT is our most premium habit change program that includes our 1-Habit Signature Coaching Program and weekly personal training sessions. Here's what you'll get:

  • 1-Habit Signature Coaching Program
  • Once or Twice Weekly 1-on-1 PT Session
  • Bespoke Training Program
  • 8-Week Overhaul Your Habits Challenge
  • Monthly Online Hangouts with Aqilah
  • 1-Habit Tribe Community Perks