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sustainable strength.

Welcome to 1-Habit - Singapore's health and fitness community driven by habit change. We are a team of passionate professionals working under one roof to help you be stronger, healthier and kinder to yourself.

Our 3-prong approach to wellness is here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We are committed to success in collaboration to help you achieve sustainable strength, for life.



Through a range of 1-on-1 and group training, we're here to help you build a sustainable fitness habit.


Eat better, learn how to achieve balanced nutrition living in Asia and adopt healthy nutrition habits


A healthy body is only supported by a healthy mind. Achieve solid mental and mindset habits for life.



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Our team of passionate and highly qualified personal trainers, nutritional coaches, group instructors, counsellors, massage therapists are here to help you achieve a life you will be proud of.

Hi, I'm Aqilah.

As Founder of 1-Habit, I am passionate in educating and coaching you to change your habits so you can lose fat, build strength, eat better and think clearer, sustainably.

I lost 20 kilos in 8 months when I first started my journey eleven years ago - however I struggled to sustain that weight loss, going into periods of binge eating and self-sabotaging. Through self-development, I realised that the only way out of this dieting cycles is to change your habits and your lifestyle. From then on, my life changed forever.

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1-Habit Tribe is our community, all working to change our habits, one at a time and get stronger, fitter and healthier, and stay that way for good.

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Use the template in the guide to create your own smoothie or try out one of our recipes. The best thing is, it's super convenient and you can make them anytime.

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what our members say

"The challenges are done in a methodical step-wise manner with a clear rationale each time, focusing on one habit at a time before the next habit is stacked upon. This has helped me tremendously in making changes to my nutritional habits as the changes are not done drastically."

- Shakira

"Changing the way I eat was a difficult task because old habits die hard. But tackling them one habit at a time was the key. Not only that, the coaches are always present with their advices and motivations. And having a group of people doing it together made it all the more fun."

- Sha

"My understanding of exercise has grown and I’ve learned proper techniques so I can work out without pain during the 8 weeks challenge. Now i can feel my body is getting leaner and the rest of my body is coming along nicely."

- Haili

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