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Hi, I'm Aqilah.

As Founder of 1-Habit, I am passionate in educating and coaching you to change your habits so you can lose fat, build strength, eat better and think clearer, sustainably.

I lost 20 kilos in 8 months when I first started my journey eleven years ago - however I struggled to sustain that weight loss, going into periods of binge eating and self-sabotaging. Through self-development, I realised that the only way out of this dieting cycles is to change your habits and your lifestyle. From then on, my life changed forever.

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Our evidence-based programs are here to help you be your strongest, healthiest and fittest self — and learn how to stay that way for good.

1-habit coaching program

Online Nutrition + Training + Mindset Coaching designed to help you lose fat, gain strength and be mentally stronger, 1-Habit at a Time

Overhaul your habits challenge

An 8-Week Challenge designed to gamify nutrition, training and mindset habit change — best for the competitive person in you

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(coaching +bootcamp)

1-Habit Coaching Program combined with Outdoor Bootcamp Training

1-habit warrior

1-Habit Coaching Program combined with 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

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"The challenges are done in a methodical step-wise manner with a clear rationale each time, focusing on one habit at a time before the next habit is stacked upon. This has helped me tremendously in making changes to my nutritional habits as the changes are not done drastically."

- Shakira, +GYM+GROUP Member

"Changing the way I eat was a difficult task because old habits die hard. But tackling them one habit at a time was the key. Not only that, the coaches are always present with their advices and motivations. And having a group of people doing it together made it all the more fun."

- Sha, +GYM+GROUP+PT Member

"My understanding of exercise has grown and I’ve learned proper techniques so I can work out without pain during the 8 weeks challenge. Now i can feel my body is getting leaner and the rest of my body is coming along nicely."

- Haili, +GYM+GROUP Member

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