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No matter how much you’ve failed, or how confused you are, we can help you change your health, life and eating habits, for good.

You can love your body again no matter how much you’ve been through.

Maybe you’re still on that meal replacement shakes a very convincing network marketer manage to sell you.

Perhaps you really hate running but you’re doing it anyway because that free fitness plan you grabbed off somewhere tells you to.

Or maybe you’ve given up on every single thing and would rather ‘live with it’ then change at all.

So if any of the above feels like you, don't worry about it: You're exactly who 1-Habit is for.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

— African Proverb

what is 1-habit tribe?

1-Habit Tribe is a community of men and women working together as a team to live a life filled with healthy habits. It all started when Founder, Aqilah Norazman, had an intense mission. She wants to help people break the dieting cycle, stop feeling helpless and start changing their lifestyles sustainably.

This inclusive community does not judge you and will hold your hands as we achieve our goals and balance life with a healthy life.

weekly community workouts

Workouts done together as a team ranging from strength training to Zumba to Muay Thai

monthly socials

Mingle, meet and socialise with like-minded people through fun monthly activities


Communicate and stay in touch with the people who will help you achieve more

discounts and freebies

Get special deals and promos with our Friends of 1-Habit partners

1-habit tribe schedule

Schedule is released two weeks in advanced for the upcoming month.

Go further, together.

Join 1-Habit Tribe and work towards healthier habits together.

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