meet the team

Everyone at 1-Habit is unique, strong and quirky in their own way. And that's what makes us, us. And just like our clients, we're all different, we come with our unique strengths — and most importantly we're not afraid to show it to you.

Through it all, we're here for one common purpose: To help you live better, 1-Habit at a time, towards Sustainable Strength.


aqilah norazman, MSc


Aqilah is a Strength and Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.

With 13 years of experience in the fitness industry, coaching has always been her life's work.

She has spoken to hundreds and for clients like Facebook, Cisco Systems, Visa APAC, Zuellig Pharma and many more. Aqilah and her work has been featured in Channel News Asia, Berita Harian, Mediacorp Suria and Channel 8, Shape Magazine and many more.

Her favourite is Nutella bread and traveling to new places.

ummairah abdul aziz


Mairah - the brain of the company, always makes sure whatever her visionary partner’s (Aqilah) dreams are executed the best and most efficient way possible.

With over 12 years of experience in the Digital and eCommerce industry, she hopes to bring her expertise on to the table to further push 1-Habit beyond just a typical brick and mortar fitness studio. Focusing more on the business operations of the company which includes tech, administrative, corporate and product, you will only see her behind her two screens most of the time - racking her brain.

Mairah may look intimidating but she’s playful at heart. She once dreamt of becoming a dancer, a musician or even an x-games skater.



Certified personal trainer


Certified personal trainer