we are hiring: group class coach

We're on a mission to rebuild our team and we're striving to attract and retain the best people for our community to work collaboratively in helping our clients achieve Sustainable Strength and change their lifestyles, 1-Habit at a time.

If this resonates with you, and you are a qualified fitness instructor with a passion in helping people be better versions of themselves — we want to speak to you!


  • Certified Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor with certifications from a reputable institute along with practical experience.
  • Great communication skills led by empathy and compassion. We don’t believe in the no pain, no gain approach.
  • Great work ethic and willing to continuously develop yourself as a trainer.


  • Perform 8-10 group classes a week, both indoors and outdoors
  • Develop and implement fun and challenging classes with variety and quality coaching
  • Support clients with empathy and compassion
  • Be an active member of our community

what we offer

  • A chance to work with Coach Aqilah, with weekly onboarding and follow up sessions in the first 3 months and ongoing professional development mentoring
  • Generous commission rates with bonuses aligned with the value you bring to the team
  • Opportunities to connect with the media and our networking partners
  • Autonomy and flexibility with your work

This is a freelance role. No sales required - we want you to focus on your job of serving and helping our clients. As an equal opportunity employer, we strive to attract and retain the best people for our community and if this makes you excited, apply today.

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why join 1-habit?

After the closure of our physical studio in 2022, we are currently at max capacity in helping our community. And as exciting as this sounds, we are more than ready to restart and bring the community back.

And we’re going to start with YOU - the passionate, driven and results oriented health and wellness professional who believes in long term change.

Welcome (back) to 1-Habit - a community driven habit coaching company on a mission to create Sustainable Strength. Founded in 2015 by Aqilah Norazman, MSc, we’ve grown, failed, grown again and then pivoted to continuously bring holistic change to our clients. We just don’t quit because our purpose remains. That’s love right there.

With over 4000 people in our email database and a combined total of 5000 followers across our social media channels, we put education first to get our clients results that lasts a lifetime.

We don’t believe in keeping a client forever. We believe in educating them so they can be independent, and then pass on to their loved ones. Join us and you can expect:

professional mentoring and development

When you join the team, you will be guided, mentored and developed to your highest potential in the health and wellness industry. We are passionate in helping you grow personally and professionally.

a positive working culture

We celebrate openness and collaboration, both on a team level and client level so that everyone can go further together.