lasting, sustainable change built with you in mind

Made for the Asian lifestyle, we've helped over hundreds of clients eat better, gain strength and be mentally stronger. Now it's your turn.

1-Habit Coaching is a holistic and progressive habit building, mindset, strength training and nutrition coaching program, done fully online.

We’re here to help you build a plan for lasting change with YOU in mind. Not your mum, not your sister, not your coach. YOU.

Trying to lose weight and get healthy has a bad reputation. Trust me, I hate it too. If we listened to every influencer we follow, the perfect plan looks like this:

- No more of your favourite foods... only chicken and broccoli k
- Work out every day burning 700 calories, and more
- No more dessert, or chocolates or ice cream or truffle fries
- Drink at least 3L of water
- Walk 10,000 steps around the island every day
- Sleep 9 hours a day using an eye mask and ear plug to block the urban Asian sound
- Keto diet every day

Oh and we also have life to fit in. Maybe kids. And a husband. Or wife. Like a job. Piece of cake!

Hi I'm Aqilah, Your 1-habit Coach

The perfect way to lose weight and get healthy may sound great. It definitely does. But it’s not practical ever. And if we can’t do things perfectly, is it even worth starting?

Let me tell you the most honest truth about change:

- Perfect is only perfect if we actually do it.
- Perfect for one person might be super unrealistic for you
- YOUR perfect workout is one that suits you

And most importantly, the perfect plan should take into account your specific situation right now (which changes more often than we thing) and it is flexible.

Of course, we can Google it, listen to influencers and celebrities or our sister’s best friend and do their version of getting healthy… but we’ll probably fail after 3 days (what’s new!) and then decide that getting healthy is not right at this time.

And we try again when life settles down.

Or we can change our behaviour and the way we think.

Let me also tell you the most honest truth about life:

- Life is never going to be settled (or the notion settling down is probably a faux)
- Life is messy and we can’t predict what will happen tomorrow
- Life changes. Period.

So here’s something I want you to think about: Instead of relying on someone else’s plan, we can build a sustainable, behaviour change, habit based approach for you, that works around your life like a dial, not a switch.

Dial vs Switch

Instead of feeling like you need to switch on and off, we’ll work on a dial where you turn up when life is easier, and turn down when life is harder. As long as we’re doing something instead of nothing.
No matter how life is for you, there’s always something we can do.

This is called Priority Customisation so we can be laser focused on the things that bring us the biggest impact as we balance our goals and our life, and the things that bring us joys (like ice cream!).

The good news is, you already have all the tools you need to change. You just need someone to show you how to use them, prioritise them and maximise them.

Watch what our past clients say about 1-Habit Coaching

Experience a total, holistic transformation that covers nutrition, training and mindset habits.

Experience a holistic transformation with 1-Habit Coaching.

Over the past years, we’ve helped over hundreds of clients experience life-changing health and body transformations.

There's no secret. Just evidence based methods that continues to work with people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyle and accountability, guidance and support every step of the way.

We teach more than just how to exercise and eat better. You'll also develop mental and emotional skills to sustain a new healthy lifestyle, so you can keep it off, for good.

strategies to help you lose fat, gain muscle and keep the results forever.

Say goodbye to fad diets that are restrictive. You don't need to do endless cardio sessions. And no, we don't promise you'll get incredible results in 30 days. You've tried all those in the past and you know it doesn't work.

Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, we use sustainable habit based approach to build healthy habits to your life, one at a time.

The result? Gain confidence while losing weight you haven't been able to — and develop a good relationship with food, your body and your mind.

work with a coach who's purpose is to help you change your lifestyle.

Our Coaches exists because we want to help you change your lifestyle for good. We want you to learn from us so you can be fitter, stronger and healthier sustainably.

Whatever obstacle you face, your Coach will be there to help you overcome them or offer new solutions. We're your personal trainers, nutrition coach, educator and a caring friend all at once.

You'll be able to reach out to her anytime and we'll check on progress, offer insights to your life and give support and mentoring.

and most importantly, a program that fits your life — not the other way round.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we'll help you get there. From our comprehensive client intake at the start to understanding your needs and goals, we'll give you all you need to lose fat, gain muscle and feel amazing.

Your Coach is an Expert in Health, But YOU are the Expert of YOUR Life

And when both of you bring your own expertise to the table, change happens.

If YOU commit to open and honest communication, feedback and conversations about your life, preferences and challenges, your Coach will outline clear, daily tasks to complete that will help you be accountable, supported and confident in your abilities.

When You Become a 1-Habit Coaching Client You Will:


Check-in with your Coach fortnightly

Every fortnight, we will have a Zoom call to help you keep track of your progress, make changes if needed and focus on the big goal.


Know exactly what to do every day

We use an app with a clear list of tasks and workouts to complete that you’ve custom designed with your Coach.


Easily communicate with your Coach on your schedule

There’s a message functionality in the app so you can send messages any time!


Work through your nutrition habits so you can fit your preferred way of eating

If you want to track your macros, you can. Otherwise we will build the skills you need for lasting nutrition change so you can still enjoy your favorite foods.


Perform exercises safely with body tracking

The app allows you to upload videos so you can exercise safely and upload form checks. You and your Coach will measure progress according to what matters to you. We’ll be tracking your weight, energy levels, progress photos and measurements directly on the app.

And The Best Thing About Working With a Coach?

As we’re working towards lifelong, sustainable change, one of the hardest thing is to master the push and pull: the balance of hitting your goals and keeping up with life.

And that can be a headache.

With your Coach, you don’t need to do anymore guessing - we will work with you to scale you up and push yourself, when you should stay the course, or dial it a little so you can do it yourself for the rest of your life.

Your job is to focus on showing up, taking action and communicating with your Coach.

Our job is to meet you where you are, make any necessary changes and continue customizing your plan over time.

Your Coach understands where you want to go and where you have been. We know what you’re struggling with and we can see when you’ve been crushing tasks and workouts. And we will be there for you through it all.

It doesn’t matter if you want to gain strength, lose weight or just have more energy for daily life, we got you and we will show you the way.



incredible stories from our former clients

While their goals and starting points may be different, they shared one important thing in common: they worked with their Coach to build the perfect plan for them.

They approached the Coaching relationship with a collaborative, open mind, experimented with different skills and built a lasting structure that is sustainable.

They trusted their Coach to remove the guesswork. They learned when to push themselves and when to have patience and dial things up and down when it fits.

And now they have surpassed their initial goals and are push the limits of what they thought was possible.

"i didn't expect the change. i feel much better in terms of my confidence levels, my self esteem. i feel good. so much better than what i feel before. i'm confident in my own skin."

- Nur

"I feel coaching has helped me overcome my body image issues the most. it has taught me how to love myself which is the hardest thing to do."

- Husna

"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Garett will impress you."

- Farah

"Everyone is so supportive and inclusive, the coaches want you to achieve your best and help you get there. It is a safe environment no judgement and you are just competing against yourself. Whether you are in a group class or PT it always feel like a personal session. You can attend a new class with a new coach and they are already aware of what you are able to achieve and will stretch you. More importantly, they are conscious of any injuries and will modify where necessary. I have not only improved my fitness they have also helped me to gain confidence."

Caroline, 50 years old

"It has been life changing. I started with personal training and Saturday bootcamps, got re-educated on nutrition as well. Made changes to not only my diet but also my mindset. But one thing I’ve learnt is to be consistent, to simply show up regardless how i felt and was going through. The most important thing is that 1habit is a positive and non-judgmental environment and everyone was working towards the same goal."

Ainon, 30 years old

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • A structured, bespoke roadmap that guides you through evidence based behavior and habit change
  • Customized workouts based on your goals, injuries, available equipment and preferences
  • Nutritional guidance and strategies that is customized for your life
  • An enthusiastic coach with certifications and experience in areas that matter the most to you
  • Expert form checks so you feel confident in the movements and exercise you’re doing
  • Your biggest fan, giving you unwavering support, encouragement and accountability
  • A collaborative relationship where we ask you for inputs before making decisions
  • Video and messages through the app or WhatsApp
  • 2-3 check-ins per week to see how things are going and a fortnightly 30-min Zoom check-in
  • Backups and emergency plans for stressful situations
  • A judgment-free zone with a coach that actually cares about you and your long term success

Here’s What We Expect From You:

  • Regular, honest communication, especially when things are hard and challenging
  • An open mind that approaches the process of being healthy as an experiment
  • Patience, consistency and commitment to making your health a priority

Investing in 1-Habit Coaching is a serious commitment and we don’t take that lightly.

Training with one of our coaches at 1-Habit Studio can cost anywhere between $100-180 per hour, based on experience. Training with them twice a week means you’re forking out at least $500-$1500 per month.

Plus the main purpose of personal training is usually the training itself, and not the holistic habit based change that should be addressed for your long-term change.

When you join 1-Habit Coaching, you can opt for a no-contract plan, or enjoy discounts if you’re ready to commit to your long-term health with 3, 6 or even 12-month upfront.

one month coaching


No contract, month-to-month

three months coaching


equivalent to S$250 per month (save S$150)

six months coaching


equivalent to S$233 per month (save S$400)

twelve months coaching


equivalent to S$225 per month (save $900)

I'm ready, what's next?

The next step is easy, simply book a call with one of our team members to talk through any other questions you have. We speak with each and every person to hear your story and see if the 1-Habit Coaching program would be a good fit.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt strong, confident and energetic. You've spent so many days just thinking about your health.

If you're ready to start your journey and have the body and health that you deserve - we are ready to help you and let you experience what a healthy, non-restrictive and balanced lifestyle is about. No restrictive dieting, no crazy all or nothing workouts. Just coaching that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and Coaches ready to support you every step of the way.

Simply enter your information below and schedule a free consultation. We can't wait to work with you and transform your body and life forever.

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