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By signing up for 1-Habit Coaching, you agree that the program is non refundable for any reason whatsoever. If you choose to prematurely terminate your membership, no refunds will be given. Premature termination is not allowed unless you pay off the remaining months left on your

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Unlimited Gym Access at Our Well-Equipped Studio in Kampong Glam.

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Unlimited Gym and Small Group Training Access build upon Science-backed Coaching.


1-on-1 Personal Training plus Unlimited Gym and Small Group Training to help you break barriers, push to your limits and lose body fat, for good.

here's what you'll get

1-Habit Coaching is a 12-month strategic and comprehensive nutrition, training and mindset coaching, mentorship and education program in which you'll get:

  • One full year of lessons, hands-on habit practice and coaching from us on how to lose weight, build muscle and sustain that for good.
  • Nutrition skills that you can apply to your life without any deprivation, dieting or starvation.
  • A progressive workout and training program that meets you where you are so you can start building lean muscle.
  • Mindset skills to build your discipline, resilience and emotional strength so you can succeed for the rest of your life.
  • Applied coaching methods and resources that you can start practicing and implementing for your life.
  • Progress tracking and assessment tools, including non-scale measurements so you know how you're doing.
  • Monthly group hangouts so you can surround yourself with people who are doing what you're doing.
  • Online learning that fits your needs as a busy person.
  • Life changing results that is more than just the scale, and one that you can keep forever.
  • And a whole lot more...

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