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1-habit's purpose

It all started when Founder, Aqilah Norazman, had an intense mission. She wants to help people, especially women, break the dieting cycle, stop feeling helpless and start changing their lifestyles sustainably.

Coming from a background of crash dieting, losing 20 kilograms in eight months, going into binge eating cycles and intense beat-up of herself, her main purpose in life is to make sure nobody goes through what she does. And it all comes down to our habits.

We're here to bust the fad diets and fitness craze and truly, help those who have been going in and out of diets find a solution once and for all — and then sustain it for the rest of their lives.

what we do.

1-Habit transforms life by combining Nutrition, Training and Mindset habit coaching, along with guidance, accountability and mentorship. Here's how we do it:

1-Habit signature coaching

All our clients are a part of our Signature Coaching - a four Phase program that helps people get into the best shape of their life, and sustain it.

gym and small group training

We supplement our Signature Coaching program with Gym and Small Group Classes to push people further and build sustainable strength.

1-on-1 personal training

We also supplement our Signature Coaching program, Gym and Small Group Training with 1-on-1 Personal Training to help push barriers and achieve even better results.



1-habit tribe

1-Habit Tribe is our community, all working to change our habits, one at a time and get stronger, fitter and healthier, and stay that way for good.

You are welcomed here.

No matter how much you’ve failed, or how confused you are, we can help you change your health, life and eating habits, for good.

You can love your body again no matter how much you’ve been through.

Maybe you’re still on that meal replacement shakes a very convincing network marketer manage to sell you.

Perhaps you really hate running but you’re doing it anyway because that free fitness plan you grabbed off somewhere tells you to.

Or maybe you’ve given up on every single thing and would rather ‘live with it’ then change at all.

So if any of the above feels like you, don't worry about it: You're exactly who 1-Habit is for.

meet the team

Everyone at 1-Habit is unique, strong and quirky in their own way. And that's what makes us, us. And just like our clients, we're all different, we come with our unique strengths — and most importantly we're not afraid to show it to you.

Through it all, we're here for one common purpose: To help you live better, 1-Habit at a time.

Meet our team here.